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We are blessed with one of the most caring and giving communities that one could ask for. They have given us prosperity. It’s our job as God’s children to treat our neighbor the way we wish to be treated. Through this we hope to bring the same prosperity to the entire valley, and eventually the whole world.

We hope you will join us on our mission to unite everyone in service and community involvement. Please read below to see how we are making our mission into a reality.


Our commitment remains strong to be a light in this community. Please read below about our recent acts of service.


Last February, CBA Guest Sharon stumbled across an article in the Gilbert Sun News. The article, which can be viewed here, spoke about our recent car giveaway to a woman in need of reliable transportation. After reading the article herself, Sharon let us know that the story struck a chord with her, and that when the time came for her to get a new car, she’d be back to donate her vehicle to us.


A very humbling experience when you get to serve people in need especially during tough times. We do not just fix cars but also the lives of people in our community. Praise to our Lord that keeps us safe and provides the things that we need. Stay positive everyone, we are all in this together. Shout out to everyone at Midwest Foodbank! Stay safe and healthy, Love you guys!


Thank you Linda, Sienna and Taylor for allowing us to be a part of your family. We hope that this vehicle will serve you and your 2 lovely daughters well. We also want to thank Scott and Kristina for bringing Linda to our doorstep. Thank you Craig and Frank for repairing the vehicle, thank you to all our vendors that supplied the parts, thank you to Joe at Cobblestone auto spa, to Tomas at Autozone, to our friend Q. Nielsen from Midwest Food Bank and to all our customers for your continued support. Most importantly we give thanks to our Lord for providing us with the means to make a difference in people’s lives.